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'Sports do not build character, they reveal it.'


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 Kick Off...Mental Health for Rugby League

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The 'Player Personality Profile' is the most important data/information source for the service and should, ideally, be completed by all players for the purpose of 'risk minimization or risk managment'. The questions asked and the data sought targets those areas that are both recognized risk factors and highly significant range of clinical presentations; be it depression, bipolar, other mental illnesses, drug &/or alcohol abuse and behavioural issues. Whilst the player might be less than 'forthright' or open in the completion of the tool in some areas; the 'static' factors included are sufficient for the establishment of baseline 'risk'; therefore enabling pre-emptive, early identification & intervention. 

The 'PPP' forms the basis by which the team can:


  • Identify potential problems
  • Profile the player, giving baseline data & information necessary for any interventions and/or treatment that may be required now or in the future, providing a psychological & social overview of the individual player  
  • Determine the psychological, emotional & physical factors essential for growth, development & performance; determining both strengths & weaknesses
  • Establish coping mechanisms or skills that exist and those that may be necessary to develop or encourage
  • Enable early intervention strategies
  • Assist in the planning for the player's future - vocationally, personally, socially etc.


The data collection is totally confidential and for the use of the program's clinicians only. It contains questions that could be considered 'personal', though essential in the appraisal of any potential risk factors & overall personality profile and certainly not intentionally 'intrusive' or 'unnecessary'.

There is a degree of 'predictability' in many of the areas &/or sections of the 'PPP' that might give rise to concern with respect to possible future behavioural issues.

By recognizing these, the service and the league can take the necessary 'subtle', yet effective preemptive steps to avert the manifestation of these behaviours; without publicity and possible negativity toward the player, the club & the league and in the best interests of the individual's welfare, both now & in the future.

Ideally, the 'PPP' should be completed by ALL registered league players. This might seem logistically impossible, though in reality it isn't. If it were instigated as part of the process of registration or contract, then it shouldn't impose any impediment to the collection of data. Those who request completion of the 'PPP' do not have to be trained or require any expertise; they merely have to commit to ensuring the player completes the form.

Once it is completed, 'Kick Off' assigns a 'confidential' & 'personal' identifier' (ID) for the player. This allows for complete privacy, yet continuity of contact, information, treatment & needs. As they progress or move through the various grades & divisions and level of involvment in the game, this ID will follow them. Assistance for the clubs and the league with respect to mental health and/or behavioural issues of the player can be provided along with the necessary education, intervention & support; without the need to start from the beginning and maintaining 'privacy' & confidentiality throughout the process.


Assessment Tool – Risk Identification & Profile

Player Personality Profile (PPP) 




Age                    Date of Birth  (dd/mm/yyyy) 






Years playing Rugby League         Age when began  


Contract Date/s  (dd/mm/yyyy)


Ethnic Origin  


Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander   Yes         No  


School Attended  


Level of Schooling Completed     Year 10  Year 11  Year 12  TAFE  University  



School Performance    Poor  Average  Above   Average  Excelled  


Other Sports of interest/talent       



Relationship Status 



Children       Yes  How many?       Ages      No  


Area/Town/City of Origin  


Displacement from Home     Yes  When   (dd/mm/yyyy)    No  


Physical Disability or Illness  



History of Injury or illness 



History of Head Injury/Concussion Yes   No  How many?     (first)  (dd/mm/yyyy)           (last)   (dd/mm/yyyy)


History of Depression    Yes  No  


History of Mental Illness    Yes  No  Specify      


History of Drug &/or Alcohol Abuse      Yes  No  


Family History of Depression or Suicide     Yes  No  


Family History of Mental Illness        Yes  No  Specify 



History of physical/sexual abuse     Yes  No  


History of Criminality/Violence     Family  Self  


Parental Marital Status     Married  Separated  Divorced  Other             



Siblings      Number        Ages  


Recreational Interests  




Short Term 



Long Term 



Email address (optional)  




The collection of the data above is necessary for the completion of player personality profile and subsequent potential risk factor identification. The data and information collected is completely  confidential  and only for the use of the clinicians within the service.   


*nb. The Player Personality Profile/Assessment Tool is available for ‘on-line’  completion and  is not for download, copy or reproduction. Should you require a copy of this form, please contact the ‘Kick Off’ team. Conditions apply. 

  © copyright 2007 

“Kick Off” 

Waldel Pty Ltd. 

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"Kick Off' is a 'world first' program & service dedicated specifically to a sport....in this instance; the great game of Rugby League.



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