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Mastery of physical goals lessens disease-related depression and ...
Dec 15, 2009 ... Physical activity is known to reduce depression and fatigue in people struggling with chronic illness. A new study indicates that this ...
Psychologist to examine childhood depression
Dec 15, 2009 ... Research by Binghamton University psychologist Brandon Gibb could provide new weapons for the fight against childhood depression.

Blogs Alert for: mental health

A Healthy Blog » Suicide, Kids, and Mental Health
For the past two years, the Children's Mental Health Campaign has held 19 forums on mental health needs of kids across the Commonwealth. While each forum has been different, one statistic universally resonates with all audiences and ...
A Healthy Blog - http://blog.hcfama.org/
Nisha Agarwal: Reading Between the Lines: Kids of Color; Mental ...
By Nisha Agarwal
The children who are being systematically over-medicated and denied high quality mental and behavioral health services are disproportionately young people of color. What we are talking about is race.
The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/raw_feed_index.rdf

News Alert for: mental health 

Leona Lewis Attacker Held Under UK Mental Health Laws
ABC News
... signed copies of her autobiography in a London bookstore was ordered by a court on Monday to be detained indefinitely under mental health regulations. ...
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Kids' Mental Problems Often Unaddressed: US Survey
ABC News
By Megan Brooks NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - About 13 percent of American children and young teens have at least one mental health disorder, yet only about ...
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Expert: Mental Health Care Flawed at Ft. Hood
(Ivanhoe Newswire) -- The recent shootings at Fort Hood, Texas army base have placed a focus on mental health care in the army. ...
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Marriage wards off blues, just don't end it-study
Hindustan Times
It found that ending marriage through separation, divorce or death is linked to an increased risk of mental health disorders, with women more likely to ...
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Witnesses to Bullying May Face More Mental Health Risks Than Bullies and Victims
Science Daily (press release)
... at a greater risk for mental health problems than those children who are not exposed to any violence," said the study's lead author, Ian Rivers, PhD. ...
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News Alert for: depression

Poll Shows Mounting Toll of Joblessness on Nation
New York Times
Almost half have suffered from depression or anxiety. About four in 10 parents have noticed behavioral changes in their children that they blame on their ...
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Antidepressants May Raise Women's Stroke Risk
U.S. News & World Report
So, the decision as to whether and when an older woman with depression should take an antidepressant remains, "an individualized matter between a patient ...
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Winter weather, holidays can bring on depression
Sublette Examiner
This is sometimes referred to as the “winter blues” or “cabin fever,” when people develop depression mainly during winter months, and is a concern in many ...
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Susan Bolye was bullied in school, so she suffers from depression
London, Dec 14 (THAINDIAN NEWS) 'Britain's Got Talent' singing sensation Susan Boyle was bullied in school, so she suffers from depression. ...
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Susan Boyle suffers from depression because of being bullied in school
'Britain's Got Talent' singing sensation Susan Boyle was bullied in school, so she suffers from depression. The Sun reported that the Scottish singer Susan ...
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E Canada Now
Susan Boyle's Depression Battle And Bullying
E Canada Now
The “I Dreamed A Dream,” singer said she had suffered years of depression after being taunted over her learning difficulties. Susan said she felt angry and ...
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Holiday pressures can put many at risk for depression
El Paso Times
"Someone with (holiday) depression -- that's not crazy," said Sydney Gorber, director of social services and a licensed professional counselor at University ...
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