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Parton recalls depression in 1980s
Ireland Online
The country singer has revealed she fell into a dark depression when she started going through menopause in the 1980s because she had always hoped to be a ...
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Times LIVE
From recession to depression
Times LIVE
The pressure of the recession has added to people's already stressed lives and many have ended up battling depression. According to occupational therapist ...
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Dear Abby: Wife doubts marriage can survive his depression
The combination of depression, drinking, your age difference and his chronic job dissatisfaction all need to be addressed, or your relationship will never ...
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Amador's mental health advocates optimistic about new program
Amador Ledger-Dispatch
... information about schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder and other mental health problems. ...
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Health Tip: Risk Factors for Postpartum Depression
U.S. News & World Report
Depression is more than just a "down mood." Picking the right day to quit smoking is an important first step. What factor do you think is responsible for ...
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Retiring Rep. Kennedy to help substance abusers
Washington Post
In Congress, Kennedy has used his struggles with depression and substance abuse to champion better care for the mentally ill. The son of the late Sen. ...
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Childhood depression: Why is it increasing?
Dayton Daily News
By Gregory Ramey, Contributing Writer 5:05 PM Friday, February 12, 2010 Childhood depression seems like a contradictory phrase. ...
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Botox Prevents Frowning - and Depression?
CalorieLab Calorie Counter News
... signal our brains to produce the component emotion. Since Botox prevents frowning, it appears to impede feelings of sadness, anger and depression.
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Depression Is Just A Stepping Stone | The Emotion Machine
By Steven Handel
Those who are haunted by feelings of loneliness, anxiety, fear, worthlessness, or hate - open your ears wide - because I want to share with you something that I find is a very important factor in overcoming depression.
The Emotion Machine - http://www.theemotionmachine.com/
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Orthorexia: Can Healthy Eating Be Labeled a Disorder?
... fifth edition of the DSM — referred to as DSM-V — to refine the classifications used by mental-health professionals to diagnose and research disorders. ...
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Give Your Kids A Legacy Of Music | Family Mental Health
By Erika Krull, MS, LMHP
photo credit: ttarasiuk Want to leave a legacy to your children? Teach them to appreciate and love music, your music. Yep, you may need to shell out a.
Family Mental Health - http://blogs.psychcentral.com/family/

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Zap2it.com (blog)
EXCLUSIVE: Alexander McQueen's mother's death caused depression, suicide
Zap2it.com (blog)
By Elizabeth Snead Top Hollywood celebrity stylist George Blodwell has known designer Alexander McQueen for many years. He tells The Dish Rag exclusively ...
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Untreated Mild Depression Can Persist, Worsen Over Time
February 11, 2010 — Left untreated, mild depression does not resolve with time and for a significant number of patients will persist and worsen, ...
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What do You do to cure your depression? Doctor's counselors ...
Are you sick and don.t know why? How can you lose 5 pounds fast? Do you have a diet or health question that needs a quick answer?
Answerology: Give Advice - http://www.answerology.com/index.aspx?template=recent_questions.ascx&topic=3

A better deal for mental health (Science Alert)
Australian of the Year Professor Pat McGorry has called for greater government investment in Australia's mental health industry.
ScienceAlert - Medical & Health Science - http://www.sciencealert.com.au/
Integral Options Cafe: DSM-V and Mental Health on NPR
The American Psychiatric Association is asking doctors to abandon the checklist system for diagnosing mental illness, saying it doesn't reflect the real world of mental health. Under the checklist approach, a patient wouldn't get a ...
Integral Options Cafe - http://integral-options.blogspot.com/

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Eczema in early childhood may influence mental health later
Eczema in early childhood may influence behavior and mental health later in life .
News Alert for: mental health
Asperger's to be classified as autism in new mental health bible
For health professionals, the expanded definition could lead to better diagnoses of autism, which affects an increasing number of children but in many cases ...
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