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Prescriptions for Psychiatric Trouble
Wall Street Journal
(A recent study by the National Institute of Mental Health found that 80 genes could be associated with bipolar disorder.) Add to this the miasma of social ...
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A Good Mood Can Fend Off A Heart Attack
Portfolio.com (blog)
Essentially, spending some few minutes each day truly relaxed and enjoying yourself is certainly good for your mental health, and may improve your physical ...
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Depression and Learning Disabilities: Putting the Pieces Together ...
By Ilene Serlin , PhD
Depression is another factor that can affect a client or person's ability to manage his or her learning disability. It has been estimated that 50% of adults with learning disabilities suffer from depression. ...
Blogs - http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog
Anemia and Depression after Childbirth: The not so subtle ...
Both anemia and depression affect women after childbirth. Anemia can actually cause depression or make post-partum depression more devastating.
Suite101: Postpartum Health Articles - http://postpartum-health.suite101.com/
Depression and serotonin: The facts | Sistema Limbico
By Felix Larocca
Resumen: Esta entrada analiza con resultados ambiguos la teoría biogénica de la depresión. Vale mucho la pena leerla. Depression: Beyond.
Sistema Limbico - http://blogs.monografias.com/sistema-limbico-neurociencias/
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'Love' hormone may help autism symptoms - Mental health- msnbc.com
A hormone thought to encourage bonding between mothers and their babies may foster social behavior in some adults with autism, French researchers said on ...
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Mental illness costs economy billions: study
Montreal Gazette
Absenteeism directly related to mental health costs the Canadian economy $17 billion a year in lost productivity, the centre said. ...
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Mental health provision for looked-after young 'inadequate'
The Guardian
Young people in care are not receiving consistent access to child and adolescent mental health services, with some receiving no help at home, according to ...
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Does adult health differ when you're conceived in a dish?
Los Angeles Times (blog)
However, the IVF babies -- especially the females -- in the study did have higher rates of clinical depression, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and ...
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Why childhood depression is on the rise and what can parents do about it
By GREGORY RAMEY DAYTON, Ohio—Childhood depression seems like a contradictory phrase. Isn't childhood and adolescence generally a carefree time without ...
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Understanding Faith and Depression: The Ashes This Year Were ...
I was so moved by this essay on faith and depression composed by an anonymous Beyond Blue reader. I hope you find as much hope in it as I did. There is a dark smudge on my forehead. I... By Beyond Blue @ February 17, 2010 10:00 AM.
Beyond Blue - http://blog.beliefnet.com/beyondblue/
News Alert for: mental health
Chronic health conditions increasing in children, study finds
Los Angeles Times
And many behavioral and mental health conditions, such as attention deficit disorder, weren't diagnosed decades ago. "We have a whole different set of ...
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Internet Addiction: A Mental Illness?
CIO Insight (blog)
In fact, I find the whole idea of classifying behavioral disorders to be a disturbing can of worms, as if the world of mental health coverage and claims ...
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Anxiety & Depression Linked To Brain Cell Factor: Low Levels Of ...
Researchers targeted a key cellular mechanism in the brain that may predispose some people to anxiety and depression.
Suite101: Personality/Anxiety/Mood... - http://personalitymooddisorders.suite101.com/
Bipolar vs. Depression - Psych Central Answers
How do you know the difference between the two? A bit ago, my therapist diagnosed me with depression. Now someone else told me I'm probably bipolar. How would I be able to tell which one I am? Sorry for the stupid question.
Psych Central Answers | Recent Questions - http://answers.psychcentral.com/
Positive Parenting Program can treat childhood depression and tame ...
By Kathy
In the Belgian study, conducted at a youth mental health unit at the University of Antwerp, mothers who had a child receiving psychiatric care (for conditions including depression and anxiety) completed an eight-week Group Triple P ...
Shrink Rap - http://www.tricitypsychology.com/blog/

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Slashdot Science Story | Heavy Internet Use Linked To Depression
An anonymous reader writes "People who spend a lot of time surfing the internet are more likely to show signs of depression, British scientists said on ...
Blogs Alert for: mental health


Natural selection and mental health - Mad World - Community Care's ...
By Mad World
I'm reading a book by Richard Dawkins at the moment, which I'm enjoying, so I was very pleased to spot this clip in which he takes an evolutionary approach to mental health and in particular anxiety. Read More. ...
Mad World - http://www.communitycare.co.uk/carespace/blogs/madworld/default.aspx
Excellent Part Time Elderly Care/ Mental Health Post Available Now ...
By physiobob
We have a fantastic post available now for OTs that are looking for Part Time work. One of our leading London clients is looking for a Band 6 OT to.
The Physio Forum - Online physiothera... - http://www.physiobob.com/forum/


News Alert for: mental health
Jamaica Gleaner
Society and mental illness
Jamaica Gleaner
In the United States, public attitude towards people with mental-health problems is broadly sympathetic. Research shows that nine out of 10 persons in the ...
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News Alert for: depression

The Truth About Antidepressants And Psychiatric Treatment Of Depression
Huffington Post (blog)
If you read that article you will clearly see that I do not see antidepressant medications as an easy cure all for Major Depression. ...
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The Canadian Press
Setting wake-up times, avoiding naps among tips to help insomniacs sleep
The Canadian Press
But for those who also have depression, anxiety or chronic pain, the combination is all the more difficult. A Ryerson University researcher says there is ...
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Blogs Alert for: depression


McQueen Known To Suffer From Depression; Lacoste Puts Teen Girl In ...
By Jenna
Some of Alexander McQueen's friends say that his suicide was not entirely unexpected. A few days before the death of his mother, he declared in a meeting that he "wasn't interested in making fashion anymore, that he hated it." [ToL]
Jezebel - http://jezebel.com/
Television Addiction Causes Depression
By Jeremy Sarber
Drowsiness occurs, and one may even experience depression as the viewing continues. A person actually disengages from real life becoming immersed in what is being shown on the screen which, in turn, causes excessive viewing; ...
Jeremy E. Sarber - http://jeremysarber.com/


News Alert for: mental health
Mental health professionals getting update on definitions
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Those are just some of the questions that scores of mental health professionals wrestled with for nearly a decade, as they conducted their periodic update ...
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Finances worry health, human services leaders
Leaders in the mental health field and other social services are deeply concerned about the state's next budget process, he said. ...
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News Alert for: depression

Louisville Mojo (blog)
Post-Avatar Depression Epidemic
Louisville Mojo (blog)
Thousands of moviegoers are experiencing severe depression and suicidal thoughts after seeing the James Cameron blockbuster film Avatar. ...
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Even if Depression is Treated, It Costs Employers
Depression is the leading cause of disability among Americans aged 15 to 44, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. ...
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Lamictal and Depression - Please Help - Drugs.com
By Butterfly_09
I had been taking effexor xr for years, but my doctor switched me to lamictal to avoid some of the side effects I had been dealing with. Now I'm only.
Drugs.com - http://www.drugs.com/forum/
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Internet Addiction Spins Web of Depression on MedicineNet.com
Morrison's research team studied 1319 people aged 16-51 who were evaluated for Internet addiction and depression. Eighteen participants (1.2%) were ...
Blogs Alert for: mental health
Mental Health Blog: Virtual Reality Therapy Could Benefit Victims ...
By meg
Extended treatment is essential to full or near full recovery, therefore, funding should be applied to ongoing mental health treatment. Virtual reality treatment in safe clinical settings could be part of that effort. ...
Mental Health Blog - http://www.mentalhealthblog.com/

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