Footy wife's lot not all beer and skittles  




Andrew Hornery 

September 23, 2006


The tawdry lives of TV's Footballers' Wives have nothing on the real thing deep in suburban Sydney - fake tans and all. Case in point: the thoroughly entertaining life and times of Amanda Flynn, wife of the Penrith half back Craig Gower. Gower made headlines recently after being accused of groping the teenage daughter of the football legend Wayne Pearce at the Jack Newton Celebrity Golf Classic on the Sunshine Coast before allegedly walking around the resort naked and crashing a golf cart. 


Amanda's diary, published in New Woman, and covering her constant trips to beauty parlours and the rigours of fame on the streets of Penrith, show that being a top NRL player's wife is equally arduous. 


Her revelations have caused a minor revolt among fellow football WAGs (industry speak for wives and girlfriends). One of them, calling herself Ali, responded: "The number of times I've had my hair done seems equal to the number of Ms Flynn's brain cells." 


Highlights from Amanda's diary include her account of Monday: "Dragged myself out of bed early this morning to meet my personal trainer, Jason. I've been seeing him since I started working on The Footy Show last year, because someone told me TV makes you look fat. I even had a woman come up to me in the street and say. 'Oh my god, Amanda, you're so small in real life. You look like a size 12 on TV.' I was stunned. I'm only a size six - I couldn't get on a treadmill fast enough." 


The rest of the day is devoted to a trip to the hairdressers (which she visits twice a week), wearing her favourite pair of short shorts and cowboy boots. 

"We live in Penrith, which is pretty small, and people know I'm Craig's wife. I can hardly go around looking like a mess." 


Tuesday starts with a spray-on tan (she has two a week) followed by the weekly trip to her nail artist, Rinnah. "I used to love the dark red talons, but I prefer a more natural look now. You don't want to overdo it." 


On Wednesday she flies to Melbourne to support Penrith and attend the post-match party in a freebie designer frock. 


"I'm allowed to keep all the outfits, but I don't like to be seen in the same dress twice, so I don't bother." 


On Friday it's back to the hairdressers before a massage and photo shoot. 


"Guys often come up to me and ask if I can sign the pictures. Craig laughs off this attention. He knows it's good for my career." 


At the weekend she catches up with the other footballers' wives at the game. 


"I enjoy chatting with the other girls. As none of them work in TV they love hearing about my work." 


Sunday is about relaxing and avoiding the gossip columns. "Sometimes there'll be something in there about Craig that just isn't true and it can ruin the day. That's the side of being a footballer's wife I dread." 


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