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'Sports do not build character, they reveal it.'


'Kick Off''....Innovative, Proactive & Dedicated to Rugby League                                  

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Kick Off - Education Structure & Content

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Education overview   Areas covered  Targeted Groups  Essential Elements of Education  Educational Tools  Flow Chart


One of the core elements of the ‘Kick Off’ program is that of education. This entails more than simple dissemination of literature & printed material. It involves personal workshops and educational sessions specific for a range of essential needs.

By using Mental Health for   Rugby League’ as the theoretical reference source for this education, the player, or other individual, is better able to comprehend the information.


Along with these sessions, is the opportunity for interaction with those involved. Education is not a ‘one way’ exercise and is best facilitated when communication occurs between all parties. The ‘Kick Off’ team actively encourages ‘feedback’ and ‘questions’ relating to issues discussed.


Areas covered in the educational aspect of the service involve the following:







These are but some of the topics covered within the educational framework of the ‘Kick Off’ program. As with most aspects of mental health, many of these are inter-related and intertwined with each other and it is advantageous to see the ‘total’ picture of how they connect.


We also provide ample literature as an adjunct to educational sessions and that which is contained in the reference book. This involves ‘fact sheets’, ‘brochures’, ‘handouts’ etc.


‘Kick Off’ is not merely the players. For education to be efficacious in the long term, it is important that those involved with the players also avail themselves of the information. As such, we would hope that coaches, trainers & conditioners, administrative personnel and so on, would attend sessions, though generally not those run for the players. Education is also available for family members of those connected to the game. Primary targeted groups in the initial stages are:



                                                *Entry Players (Younger contracted adolescent players)

                                                 *Current Players

                                                 *Exiting Players

                                                *Retired Players

                                                 *Recuperating/injured players

                                                 *Coaching Staff





The ultimate aim of the educational aspect of the service is to broaden the knowledge base of all individuals with a vested interest in or who have a close connection to Rugby League. If we are able to increase awareness of mental health issues and expand this across the different divisions, grades etc. we will go a long way toward the future improvement in the game and those involved.


All educational sessions are delivered in a clear, concise manner, with the material offered in a way that is easily understood by those attending. We do not ‘over-intellectualize’  subject matter and strive to relate information to the life of the Rugby League player &/or those associated with the game. We do encourage participants to seek further knowledge, either through self sourcing or via the team, should they be interested or sufficiently inquisitive, though this is not in any way essential to basic comprehension of the educational messages presented.








*Relevant to the individual

*Useful for improving quality of life

*Easily Understood

*Interesting, factual & accurate


*Sincere & Genuine

*Aimed at personal growth & maturity

*A positive & enjoyable experience




The ‘Kick Off’ team believes strongly in on-going education and adherence to these principles. Being ‘force fed’ or ‘coerced’ into educational sessions does little to impact upon the individual attending. It should never be viewed as an onerous task or simply a ‘dutiful’ activity arranged and presented as an organizational requirement.


"I believe it is possible for a lion to be cured of its' voraciousness, if continually fed or force-fed, even when not hungry"

Albert Einstein (paraphrased)


Educational Tools




  • Flyers & Handouts



  • CD Material


  • DVD Presentations


  • Power-Point Presentations


  • Workbooks


  • Feedback Forms




The website & book provide 'self-directed' interactive educational & informational learning, though some direction & instruction may be necessary with both; depending on the individual & their needs. These are met through e-mail, phone or direct contact with the team.


 Education 'Flow Chart'


Educational focus - flow chart


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"Kick Off' is a 'world first' program & service dedicated specifically to a sport....in this instance; the great game of Rugby League.



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