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What is Depression?     Signs & Symptoms   Causes of Depression   Co-morbidity   The 'Cycle' of Depression  Famous Sufferers of Depression or Manic Depression    Injury & Depression   Concussion & Depression    Alcohol Abuse & Depression   Retirement & Depression   Facts & Statistics for Depression     Stressors (triggers for depression)

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What is Depression?  



It is important that we can tell the difference between ‘Clinical’ Depression & ‘feeling down or low’. Everyone experiences highs & lows in their life. They are ‘normal’ emotions. The significant difference is the length of time the symptoms have been present, the severity of the symptoms and their effect on functioning (social, psychological, physical etc.)


Depression can be extremely debilitating and damaging. It can also have tragic consequences for those choose the path of ending their life, after having seen no hope or future.


You may enjoy playing the game and even enjoy training. The question you have to ask yourself is “is the majority of my day spent feeling ‘low’ or ‘down’, outside of these pleasurable moments”?


Depression does not always result in suicide, nor is it an illness that anyone should feel ashamed of experiencing. Depression, whilst technically considered a ‘mental illness’ does not, in any way, suggest some type of ‘madness’. Do not be swayed by pre-conceived ideas or beliefs. 




Depression – Signs & Symptoms  



The following is a list of some of the signs & symptoms that may be present with someone experiencing clinical Depression. If you are or any one you know is displaying behavioural changes and has done so for an extended period of more than two (2) weeks, then you, or they, may be suffering depression. 



  • Increased irritability   
  • Sensitive to criticism, even if it’s constructive 
  • Feelings of wothlessness &/or hopelessness   
  • Moody   
  • Loss of appetite, weight loss   
  • Sleep disturbances – hard to get to sleep, waking early or waking during the night   
  • Isolative – spending less time with family and friends   
  • Loss of sex drive or lower sex drive   
  • Increased use Alcohol and/or Drugs 
  • Uncharacteristic risk taking behaviour such as dangerous driving or speeding   
  • Reluctance to leave home, except for club responsibilities (training, games, meetings etc.)   
  • Slower thinking and speaking   
  • Slower physical movements when walking, often with slumped posture   
  • Complaints of ill health, pain, tiredness   

light at the end of the tunnel 


  What do these people have in common?

  • Steve Rogers (late Australian Rugby League Legend)
  • Peter Jackson (late Australian Rugby League player)  
  • Michael Slater (ex-Australian cricketer & TV personality)
  • Petria Thomas (ex-olympic gold medal swimmer) 
  • Andrew Johns (ex-Australian Rugby League Captain) 
  • Lane Beachley (6 time world surfing champion)
  • Shane Gould (ex-Australian swimming great)
  • Wayne Schwass (ex-AFL; Sydney Swans player) 
  • Shaun Tait (Australian fast bowler) 
  • Dawn Fraser (ex-Australian swimming legend) 
  • Cathy Freeman (ex-olympic & world track champion)
  • Sarah Ryan (ex-olympic swimmer) 
  • Jeff Kennet (former Victorian Premier & chairman of Hawthorn AFL club) 
  • Rene Rivkin (late financial & investment guru) 
  • John Kirwan (ex-‘all black’ test Rugby Union player) 
  • Owen Wilson (Hollywood Actor) 
  • Gary Ablett Sr. (former Geelong AFL ‘great’) 
  • Kurt Cobain (founder and singer of ‘Nirvana’)
  • Cory Paterson (current Newcastle Knights front rower) 
  • Justin Hodges (current Broncos & Australian centre) 
  • Wally Lewis (‘the emperor of LangPark – one of the seven (7) immortals) 


They have all suffered the effects of Depression or Depression-related illnesses.

Some have taken their lives or attempted to commit suicide.




Causes of Depression

Depression has often been defined as either Endogenous (depression with no discernable reason – chemically or biologically based) or Exogenous (a type of ‘reactive’ depression as a result of a life event). Whilst this appears quite ‘clear cut’ it is also obvious that there are other factors that relate to the development of a depressive illness. In fact, there is considered to be, more often than not, no specific ‘single’ cause with combinations of factors that contribute. It is best to view everything related to mental health using a ‘bio-psycho-social’ model; enabling a more thorough picture of the individual’s illness.


As such, the three (3) main areas for the root causes of Depression (and generally all mental health disorders & illnesses) can be covered by these areas:-



(1) Biological(physical, chemical & biological)



Theories relating to biological causes centre largely around the action of neurotransmitters within the brain. Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers that pass between neurons (nerves); allowing signals to be sent from the source to the intended site (be it another nerve cell, gland or muscle). With respect to depression, the mono-amines (serotonin, norepinephrine & dopamine), are considered those most significant. Low levels of these neurotransmitters or diminished activity has been identified in those with depressive symptoms. Antidepressant medications target these neurotransmitters with the aim of increasing activity and thus relieving the symptoms. Other factors suggested such as hormonal changes, illness, light deprivation, cerebral changes through injury & dietary deficiencies have also been postulated as contributors to the development of depression. Heredity & genetic predisposition is connected with depression; given a family history of either depressive illness or other psychiatric disorder. The likelihood of developing depression is significantly increased.



(2) Psychological (psychodynamic)



Personality & coping skills established through developmental processes of the individual appear to contribute toward the capacity to develop depression. Often described as someone’s ‘resilience’, there is a strong association between life stressors and depression. Low self esteem, poor self confidence and self-defeating or distorted thinking are certainly related to depressive symptoms with individuals expressing feelings & thoughts of blame & guilt; a generalized negativity.Rejection, lack of love, overprotection, neglect & guilt/shame are ways we can be treated as children in our developing years that impact on how we see ourselves & others in later years. As such, we develop responses to situations that may be inappropriate, ‘maladaptive’ & damaging, based on these beliefs & our self esteem.


(3) Social (behavioural)



Child abuse (physical, emotional, sexual etc.) can contribute to the development of depression later in life, as can the effects of dysfunctional families. Those whose mothers experienced depression during the individuals early childhood, serious marital conflict, divorce &separation, death of a parent or parents, neglect or feelings of abandonment are also serious issues that may manifest in depression in adolescence &/or adulthood. The level of social & interpersonal support is vital in the maintenance of mental wellbeing and a history of isolation or a lack of this support as an adult might also been interpreted as contributors to depression.




Co-morbidity refers to the ‘co-existence’ of other disorders or symptoms along with depression. For example anxiety is often associated with depression and can result in delayed recovery, greater disability & a higher risk of suicide. Post traumatic stress disorder and depression can often co-occur, as can the dependence on alcohol &/or drugs. Another pertinent issue is the co-existence of pain and depression with statistics indicating up to 85% of people with pain, also suffering depressive symptoms. Chronic pain & depression is particularly prevalent with higher suicide risks involved.


Please take time to digest the information in this section on Depression in order that you might be more fully informed and aware of the seriousness & prevalence of the disorder and the warning signs & stressors that you may be confronted with at sometime during your life.




The Cycle of Depression


One of the very serious problems associated with depression is the 'cyclic' descent that can occur when it goes untreated. Nobody enjoys feeling 'depressed'; whether one is aware that it is 'clinical depression' or not is irrelevant in that the term is merely a 'diagnosis' (a means by which clinicians can communicate and treat based upon the collective symptoms applicable to a presentation; in this case, 'depression'). It is the feelings & emotions; the changes in social functioning, anxiety, agitation and constant 'negativity' that causes the pain. When you are unable or unwilling to recognise problems that exist and continue to practise 'self denial' for whatever reason, you will find a greater likelhood of consciously or unconsciously dealing with your depression in ways that might generally be considered 'unhealthy'. These may involve the use of 'drugs' or 'alcohol'; and very often do. The outcomes of these approaches only serve to make the problem worse, or create a raft of 'new ones'. Your depression, or rather the symptoms of your depression, will inevitably become more profound and debilitating. Physiologically, the substances are 'depressant' in nature & most have detrimental effects on the organs of the body itself, and psychologically, you are simply providing more 'ammunition' for, & 'confirmation' of, worthlessness & hopelessness; developing more reasons to be depressed and in some cases creating new 'negative' & 'soul destroying' situations and circumstances that intensify the level of depressive symptoms. Unless the 'cycle' is arrested, it will continue, spiralling downward, toward a level wherein lays the spectre of possible suicidality and/or 'a very long road back' to wellbeing.  



 The Cycle of Depression



The 'cycle' of Depression

Should you have concerns regarding any issue relating to your 'mental or physical well-being', 'Kick off' strongly recommend you seek professional assistance. This may entail contacting your GP or similar clinician (Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Counsellor etc.). You may also contact the appropriate agency or service that might assist you. Irrespective of your choice, ensure you see someone who might help.  




Famous People Who Have Suffered from Depression or Manic-Depression   

Depression and Bipolar list: These famous authors, scientists, leaders, artists, and celebrities all have been reported as having depressive mood disorders such as major depression or manic-depression (bipolar disorder). The list makes no distinction for individuals suffering from major depression or bipolar manic-depression.


Alvin Ailey,dancer and choreographer
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, astronaut
Louie Anderson, comedian, actor
Ann-Margaret, actress
Diane Arbus, photographer
Lionel Aldridge, football player
Alexander the Great, king
Hans Christian Anderson, author
Tai Babilonia, figure skater
Oksana Baiul, figure skater
Honore de Balzac, writer
Samuel Barber, classical composer
Roseanne Barr, actress
Drew Barrymore, actress
James M. Barrie, writer
Rona Barrett, columnist
Charles Baudelaire, poet
Shelley Beattie, athlete and artist
Ned Beatty, actor
Samuel Becket, writer
Ludwig von Beethoven, composer
Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel
Brendan Behan, poet
Irving Berlin, composer
Hector Berlioz, composer
John Berryman, poet
William Blake, poet
Charles Bluhdorn, executive, Gulf Western
Napoleon Bonaparte, emperor
Kjell Magne Bondevik, Prime Minister of Norway
Robert Boorstin, writer, special assistant to Pres. Clinton, State Department
Clara Bow, actor
Tommy Boyce, musician, composer
Cheyenne Brando, actor
Marlon Brando, actor
Richard Brautigan, writer
Van Wyck Brooks, writer
John Brown, abolitionist
Ruth Brown, singer
Anton Bruckner, composer
Art Buchwald, political humorist
John Bunyan, writer
Robert Burns, poet
Robert Burton, writer
Tim Burton, artist, movie director
Willie Burton, basketball player
Barbara Bush, former First Lady
Lord Byron, poet
Helen Caldicott, activist, writer
Donald Cammell, movie director, screenwriter
Robert Campeau, Canadian businessman
Albert Camus, writer
Truman Capote, writer
Drew Carey, actor and comedian
Jim Carrey, actor and comedian
Dick Cavett, broadcaster
C.E. Chaffin, writer, poet
Ray Charles, R&B performer
Thomas Chatterton, poet
Paddy Chayefsky, writer, movie director
Lawton Chiles, former governor of Florida
Frederic Chopin, composer
Winston Churchill, British prime minister
Sandra Cisneros, writer
Eric Clapton, blues-rock musician
Dick Clark, entertainer (American Bandstand)
John Cleese, actor
Rosemary Clooney, singer
Kurt Cobain, rock star
Tyrus Cobb, athlete
Leonard Cohen, poet and singer
Natalie Cole, singer
Garnet Coleman, Texas legislator
Samuel Coleridge, poet
Judy Collins, musician, writer
Shawn Colvin, musician
Jeff Conaway, actor
Joseph Conrad, author
Pat Conroy, writer
Calvin Coolidge, U.S. president
Francis Ford Coppola, director
Billy Corgan, musician
Patricia Cornwell, writer
Noel Coward, composer
William Cowper, poet
Hart Crane, writer
Oliver Cromwell, dictator
Kathy Cronkite, writer
Dennis Crosby, actor
Sheryl Crow, singer and rock musician
Richard Dadd, artist
John Daly, athlete (golf)
Rodney Dangerfield, comedian
Charles Darwin, explorer and scientist
David, Israeli King
Ray Davies, musician
Thomas De Quincey, poet
Lenny Dee, musician
Sandra Dee, actor
Ellen DeGeneres, comedienne, actor
John Denver, singer and actor
Muffin Spencer Devlin, pro golfer
Diana, Princess of Wales
Paolo DiCanio, athlete (soccer)
Charles Dickens, writer
Emily Dickenson, poet
Isak Dinesen, author
Scott Donie, Olympic athlete (diving)
Terence Donovan, photographer
Michael Dorris, writer
Theodore Dostoevski, writer
Eric Douglas, actor
Tony Dow, actor, producer, director
Richard Dreyfuss, actor
Jack Dreyfus, manager, Dreyfus Fund
Kitty Dukakis, former First Lady, Mass.
Patty Duke, actress
Thomas Eagleton, lawyer, U.S. Senator
Thomas Eakins, artist
Thomas Edison, inventor
Edward Elgar, composer
T.S. Eliot, poet
Queen Elizabeth I of England
Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer
Robert Evans, film producer
James Farmer, civil rights leader
Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of television
William Faulkner, writer
Jules Feiffer, cartoonist and satirist
Tim Finn, musician, composer
Carrie Fisher, actress and writer
F. Scott Fitzgerald, writer
Larry Flynt, magazine publisher
Betty Ford, former First Lady
Harrison Ford, actor
James Forrestal, cabinet member
Steven Foster, writer
Michel Foucault, writer, philosopher
George Fox, Quaker
Connie Francis, entertainer
Andre Franquin, 1924-1997, cartoonist
Albert French, writer
Sigmund Freud, psychiatrist
Brenda Fricker, actress
Peter Gabriel, rock star
John Kenneth Galbraith, economist
Judy Garland, singer, actor
James Garner, actor
Paul Gascoigne, athlete (soccer)
Paul Gauguin, artist




Harold Geneen,executive, ITT Industries
King George III of England
Stan Getz, musician
Kaye Gibbons, writer
Kendall Gill, athlete (basketball)
Kit Gingrich, Newt's mother
Johann Goethe, writer
Oliver Goldsmith, poet
Dwight Gooden, baseball player
George Gordon, poet
Tipper Gore, wife of U.S. Vice-President
Arshille Gorky, artist
Francisco de Goya, painter
Phil Graham, owner, Washington Post
Graham Green, writer
Shecky Greene, comedian
Philip Guston, artist
Alexander Hamilton, politician
Linda Hamilton, actress
Georg Frederich Handel, composer
Pete Harnisch, baseball player
Mariette Hartley, actress
Juliana Hatfield, musician
Hampton Hawes, musician
Stephen Hawking, physicist
Nathaniel Hawthorne, writer
Lillian Hellman, writer
Ernest Hemingway, writer
Margaux Hemingway, actor
Audrey Hepburn, actress
King Herod, Biblical figure
Kristin Hersh, musician
Hermann Hesse, writer
Abby Hoffman, writer and activist
Sir Anthony Hopkins, actor
Gerard M. Hopkins, poet
Edward Hopper, artist
Howard Hughes, industrialist
Victor Hugo, author
Helen Hutchison, broadcaster
Heinrich Ibsen, playwright
Jack Irons, musician
Eugene Izzi, writer
Andrew Jackson, U.S. President
Janet Jackson, singer
Henry James, writer
William James, writer
Kay Redfield Jamison, psychologist, writer
Randall Jarrell, poet
Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President
Jim Jenson, CBS News
Jeremiah, Biblical figure
Joan of Arc, French leader
Job, Biblical figure
Billy Joel, musician, composer
Elton John, musician, composer
Daniel Johns, musician
Samuel Johnson, poet
Daniel Johnston, musician
Ashley Judd, actor
Franz Kafka, writer
Karen Kain, prima ballerina
Danny Kaye, entertainer
John Keats, writer
Margot Kidder, actress
Larry King, talkshow host
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, artist
Gelsey Kirkland, dancer
Heinrich von Kleist, poet
Percy Knauth, journalist
Joey Kramer, musician
William Kurelek, artist
Pat LaFontaine, hockey player
Charles Lamb, poet
Jessica Lange, actor
Peter Nolan Lawrence, English writer
Edward Lear, artist
Frances Lear, publisher
Robert E. Lee, U.S. general
Vivian Leigh, actress
John Lennon, musician
Rika Lesser, writer, translator
Primo Levi, chemist, writer
Bill Lichtenstein, producer (TV & radio)
Allie Light, director
Abraham Lincoln, U.S. President
Vachel Lindsey, writer
Karl Paul Link, chemist
Ross Lockridge, Jr., writer
Joshua Logan, producer
Jack London, writer
Rick London, cartoonist
Greg Louganis, U.S. diver and Olympic gold medallist
Courtney Love, musician
James Russell Lowell, poet
Robert Lowell, poet
Malcolm Lowry, writer
J. Anthony Lukas, writer
Salvador Luria, bacterial geneticist
Martin Luther, Protestant leader
Gustav Mahler, composer
Duke of Marlborough, soldier
Elizabeth Manley, Canadian figure skater
Camryn Mannheim, actor
Martha Manning, psychologist, writer
Imelda Marcos, Philippine dictator's wife
Jay Marvin, radio personality, writer
Vladimir Mayakovsky, poet
Gary McDonald, Australian actor
Kevin McDonald, comedian, actor
Robert McFarlane, former United States National Security Adviser
Rod McKuen, writer, poet, producer
Sarah McLachlan, singer, Lilith Fair creator
Kristy McNichol, actress
Peter McWilliams, writer
Herman Melville, writer
Burgess Meredith, actor
Robert Merrill, musician, lyricist
Paul Merton, British comedian
Michelangelo, Italian artist
Dimitri Mihalas, scientist
Kate Millett, writer, artist
Spike Milligan, comic actor, writer
Carmen Miranda, actor
Claude Monet, artist
Thelonious Monk, musician
Marilyn Monroe, actor
Alanis Morissette, Canadian singer
S.P. Morrissey, musician
John Mulheren, financier (U.S.)
Edvard Munch, artist
Robert Munsch, writer
Les Murray, Australian poet
Conrad Meyer, writer
Michelangelo, artist
John Stuart Mill, writer
Edna St. Vincent Millay, poet
Kate Millet, writer and feminist
Spike Milligan, humourist
John Milton, poet
Charles Mingus, compser
Carmen Miranda, singer
Marilyn Monroe, actress
Mavor Moore, producer
J.P. Morgan, industrialist
Modest Mussogorgsky, composer
Benito Mussolini, Italian dictator
Ilie Natase, tennis player, politician
Ralph Nader, U.S. consumer rights advocate
Nebuchadnezzar, Biblical figure

Sir Isaac Newton, physicist
Florence Nightingale, British nurse
Vaslav Nijinksy, ballet dancer
Richard Nixon, U.S. president
Deborah Norville, television journalist
Sinead O'Connor, musician
Georgia O'Keeffe, painter
Eugene O'Neill, playwright
John Ogden, pianist
Laurence Olivier, actor
Margo Orum, writer
Ozzie Osborne, rock star
Donny Osmond, musician
Marie Osmond, musician
Wilfred Owen, poet, soldier
Nicola Pagett, actor
Susan Panico, business executive
Charles Parker, compoer
Dorothy Parker, writer, poet, wit
Dolly Parton, singer
Boris Pasternak, writer
John Pastorius, composer
George Patton, soldier
Pierre Peladeau, publisher
Charley Pell, former coach, Univ. of Florida
Teddy Pendergrass, musician
Walker Percy, writer
Murray Pezim, Canadian businessman
Jimmie Piersall, baseball player
William Pitt, Prime Minister
Sylvia Plath, poet
Edgar Allen Poe, writer
Jackson Pollock, artist
Cole Porter, composer
Ezra Pound, poet
Alma Powell, wife of Gen. Colin Powell
Susan Powter, motivational speaker
Charlie Pride, country singer
Sergey Rachmaninoff, composer
Bonnie Raitt, singer
Mac Rebennack (Dr. John), musician
Lou Reed, singer
Jeannie C. Riley, singer
Rainer Maria Rilke, poet
Joan Rivers, comedian
Lynn Rivers, U.S. Congresswoman
Alys Robi, Canadian vocalist
Norman Rockwell, artist
Theodore Roethke, poet
George Romney, artist
Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President
Axl Rose, rock star
Roseanne, actor, writer, comedienne
Amelia Rosselli, 1930-1996, poet
Dante Rossetti, poet and painter
Gioacchimo Rossini, composer
Martin Rossiter, musician
Philip Roth, writer
Mark Rothko, artist
Gabrielle Roy, author
John Ruskin, writer
Winona Ryder, actor
Yves Saint Laurent, fashion designer
May Sarton, poet, novelist
Francesco Scavullo, artist, photographer
Lori Schiller, writer, educator
Charles Schulz, cartoonist (Peanuts)
Robert Schumann, German composer
Delmore Schwartz, poet
Ronnie Scott, musician
Alexander Scriabin, composer
Jean Seberg, actress
Monica Seles, athlete (tennis)
Anne Sexton, poet
Linda Sexton, writer
Mary Shelley, author
Percy Bysshe Shelley, poet
William Tecumseh Sherman, general
Frances Sherwood, writer
Dmitri Shostakovich, musician
Scott Simmie, writer, journalist
Paul Simon, composer, musician
Lauren Slater, writer
Christopher Smart, poet
Jose Solano, actor
Phil Specter, promoter and producer
Alonzo Spellman, athlete (football)
Muffin Spencer-Devlin, pro golfer
Vivian Stanshall, musician, writer, artist
Rod Steiger, actor
George Stephanopoulos, political advisor
Robert Louis Stevenson, writer
Sting, singer and musician
Teresa Stratas, opera singer
Darryl Strawberry, baseball player
William Styron, writer
Emmanuel Swedenbourg, religious leader
James Taylor, singer and musician
Kate Taylor, musician
Lili Taylor, actor
Livingston Taylor, musician
P.I. Tchaikovsky, composer
Alfred, Lord Tennyson, poet
Tracy Thompson, writer, reporter
Dylan Thomas, poet
Edward Thomas, poet
Leo Tolstoy, writer
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, artist
Spencer Tracy, actor
Ted Turner, founder, CNN Network
Mark Twain, author
Hunter Tylo, actress
Mike Tyson, prize fighter
Jean-Claude Van Damme, actor
Vincent Van Gogh, artist
Vivian Vance, actor
Victoria, British Queen
Mark Vonnegut, doctor, writer
Kurt Vonnegut, writer
Sol Wachtler, judge
Tom Waits, musician
Mike Wallace, broadcaster
Michael Warren, executive, Canada Post
George Washington, U.S. President
Damon Wayans, comedian, actor, writer, director, producer
Walt Whitman, poet
Dar Williams, musician
Robin Williams, actor
Tennessee Williams, playwright
Brian Wilson, rock star (Beach Boys)
William Carlos Williams, physician, writer
Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous
Jonathan Winters, comedian
Hugo Wolf, composer
Thomas Wolfe, writer
Mary Wollstoncraft, writer
Ed Wood, movie director
Natalie Wood, actor
Virginia Woolf, writer
Luther Wright, basketball player
Elizabeth Wurtzel, writer
Tammy Wynette, singer
Bert Yancey, pro golfer
Boris Yeltsin, former President, Russia
Faron Young, musician
Robert Young, actor
William Zeckendorf, industrialist
Emile Zola, writer
Stefan Zweig, poet


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