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'Sports do not build character, they reveal it.'


'Kick Off''....Innovative, Proactive & Dedicated to Rugby League                                  

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 Kick Off...Mental Health for Rugby League

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Aims & Goals




·     Reduce the impact of Depression & Depressive Disorders within Rugby League


·     Development of Risk Minimization strategies


·     Identification of Depressive symptomatology &/or potential Suicidality, providing appropriate intervention & treatment or referral if necessary


·     Heightened awareness of ‘Mental Health’ through educational programs


·     De-stigmatization of depression & mental health illnesses & disorders


·     Address the issues of Drug & Alcohol use & abuse


·     Educate players regarding unwanted, inappropriate behaviour


·     Support for players & others associated with the game (directly & indirectly) on issues relating to retirement & injury


·     Provide professional clinical support, treatment &/or referral for players with mental health &/or behavioural problems


·     Address issues relating to Junior League & ‘parenting’  in an attempt to provide a positive future for Rugby League


·     Provide a centralized educational & informational resource service for clubs and organizations affiliated or involved with Rugby League


·     Provision of a 24 hr, 7 day a week contact/information ‘help line’


·     Provide resource service and support for family & friends of players


·     Improve the image of the game


·     Improve the quality of life for the player


·     Reduce the incidence of unnecessary negative exposure & resultant tarnished image of both player & the code


·     Work together with established agencies (both government & non-government) in the facilitation of optimum mental health care delivery


It’s fine to state aims & goals that superficially seem credible and optimistic, though one needs to be completely realistic and further elaborate as to ‘HOW’ these are going to be met and fulfilled.


This is where ‘Kick Off’ really stands out. We do not simply cite intellectual rhetoric and idealistic notions of personality transformation. We do not claim to be able to turn a ‘pig’s ear into a silk purse’. We accept that every one is different; each individual has their own personality type, habits & behaviours, level of intellectual capacity and we do not in any way unrealistically promise to somehow ‘change all this’. No one can.


What we do promise is to adopt the ‘best approach’ for the optimization of the service provided and the facilitation of our stated ‘aims & goals’ through ‘risk identification’ and ‘risk management’. The key elements associated with this and that which differentiates ‘Kick Off’ from other services, agencies & programs are:




  • A structure specifically designed for the game 


  • Assessment tools that are both proactive & preventative and directed to those within the sport 


  • Direct, personal contact allowing for the establishment of a sound and credible ‘working’ rapport with the individual concerned 


  • Web site that is structured for Rugby League and relevant to the game 




  • Guaranteed confidentiality & privacy 


  • A centralized ‘link’ for treatment, referral, advice, counselling & education. Having this centralized source, allows for the specific needs of the individual/s concerned to be met & addressed with the best possible opportunity for success. 



We anticipate a 'roll-out' of the program & service with future expansion into other related areas as noted below. By providing a 'centralised' source for contact, educational material, assessment, identification & early intervention and treatment, we believe we can more efficiently meet the needs of those involved in Rugby League; at all levels. Sound communication and interaction between the service & these areas should provide optimum risk minimisation and identification of possible 'problems' that exist or may well be anticipated with individuals. This will reduce the numbers of those who 'slip through the cracks'; those who ultimately suffer as a result of a failure to identify issues of concern before the resultant manifested behaviour. 

'Bandaid solutions' and 'knee jerk' reactivity that is often used with respect to many mental health issues must be addressed. With hindsight, most can identify the variety of signs & symptoms of depression, self harm or risk taking, suicidality, drug & alcohol abuse, aberrant behaviour and so on; the problem here is that it is often too late. If not too late, it certainly becomes increasingly difficult to treat if allowed to go on for an extended period. 

Early identification through assessment & early intervention through 'active', responsible and sincere treatment is what's needed; that which is essential, if the causes are to be addressed, not simply dealing with the symptoms 'after the fact'

Below are some of the 'key areas' we focus on, but those of significant impact with regard to the individual involved in Rugby League: 



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"Kick Off' is a 'world first' program & service dedicated specifically to a sport....in this instance; the great game of Rugby League.



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